October’s Veteran’s Quilts

More on this project can be found over on my “We Honor Veteran’s” page.

Each month since May several women meet at my house to sew lap quilts for Veterans. Most of them are learning to sew/quilt and now that we only meet for 2 (plus an hour or two….) it is slow going, with lots of chatter and fun.

Here we are all hard at work…

Whoops I meant here…

Here are the quotes from this month’s sew-in:

“Are you mumbling over there?” reply: “This is a private conversation.”
“No one told me I needed bobbin thread”
“I wish my machine had one of those knee thingy’s”
“These peanut butter cups are healthy because they have peanut butter in them right?”
“Yes, they have protein”
“I don’t know how to translate that look into a quote.”
“I think my stitch in the ditch foot is bent.”
“Ok, I’m missing a screw!” after much laughter, “Found it!”
“You need to remind me the next time I sew, I need to concentrate on straight lines.”
“I need to thread this, don’t I?”
“I haven’t done my binding yet either, I thought that was optional.”

Some pictures, minus the photographer who did pressing for me:

Getting ready to cut and bind:

Deep in thought: 

Quilting almost done:


I got a chance to sew (the dreaded binding):

So far we have completed 11 quilts with 10 more still in process.

See you next month.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie


  • Sandi Colwell

    I wanna come sew there too!!! That looks like sooooo much fun! What an awesome space you have!

  • What a fun, dedicated group of ladies. I love the overheard comments. Where is my candy corn? You know, the ones with chocolate! Thank you for sharing. Diane

    • Jackie

      If you come to the next one, I’ll provide candy corn. I didn’t know they made chocolate.

  • my favorite quote was “Are you mumbling over there?” reply: “This is a private conversation.” LOL! 🙂