Snake Surgery

We are watching 2 of our grandchildren (Noah 4 and Grace 2) for a few days and Noah, an avid animal lover and collector (stuffed) brought his snake along. One so I could fix him and also he remembered that the last time he was here we talked about making a sleeping bag for his snake. He made a blanket for one of them (here) and he told me he needs the sleeping bag because the blanket doesn’t cover him up very well.

So last night before bed, I performed surgery on his snake. Apparently the snake had a tag that had been cut, but not completely and I needed to “fix him.” Noah takes his animals seriously and while I was trying to trim the tag as closely as I could and not cut into the snake, Noah was chatting away:

To me:

Grandma, please don’t hurt him.”
“I will talk to him so you can work.”
“I’ll tell him you won’t hurt him.”
Grandma, make sure your’re careful.”
“Don’t cut his fur.”

To the snake:
“It’s okay, Grandma won’t hurt you.”
“I’m right here.”
“It will be over soon.”
“You’ll be okay.”
“Shh shh, it’s okay.”
“She won’t cut you.”
The removed parts during surgery:
Results of the surgery:

In addition to the surgery chatter, he had negotiations going on….

Noah: “When you are done, I can sit here (at my sewing machine) and make a sleeping bag.”
Me: “No Noah, it is too late and past your bedtime maybe tomorrow or Sunday.”
Noah: “We can do it tomorrow when I get up.”
Me: Tomorrow when you get up I have to get ready for my students that will be coming over, and then in the afternoon, I have more women coming over to sew. Maybe during the lunch time, or the next day.”
Noah: “Well maybe I can sew before they all come.”
Me: “We will have to see, it may be Sunday before we can sew.”
Noah: “Maybe tomorrow.”

Persistent. I found it interesting that he brought his snake for me to fix, he didn’t want to go to bed until he was, and he remembered sewing the last time and wanted to do so again. The process of making the blanket was a bit long for him so we will see how it goes with the sleeping bag.

At the same time as the surgery and sleeping bag discussion, Grace was clamoring for my attention, picking up items and either telling me what they were or asking me. When the surgery was complete and I started to head upstairs she started crying. She wanted to sew. She has already made a couple of things, including a pillow for her doll (told over here) so maybe a quilt is next. She has yet to get tired of sewing when we work together.

More sewing to come I am sure.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom)

    Sooo sweet Jackie! You know I just love stories like that with the little ones and their conversations, LOL.