Monday’s Math-Oct Fabric Stash

Many quilt bloggers and those on Twitter have a “stash” report, some with “fabric diet” discussions as well. Out of curiosity I decided to figure out how much fabric I actually had.

Let’s just say it was quite a shocker and it is a rough count. I have fabric in nooks and crannies that I didn’t count as well as the fabric collected and bought for donation quilts.

So here goes:

134 yards
102 1/2 yard cuts
492 fat quarters (can you tell what I like to buy)
Charm Sets  45
Honey Buns  4
Layer Cakes  5
Dessert Rolls  2
Jelly Rolls  3

That is a total of 310.5 yards of fabric and 59 precuts.

This is from a woman who a few years ago, barely bought enough fabric to finish a project. Not sure what happened.

Okay, time for a fabric diet.

How much is in your stash?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie


  • Sandi Colwell

    That just makes me giggle!! I love that you took inventory!
    I’m sure you will find a use for all of it. We quilters always do!

  • ddrquilter

    I’m not even tempted to calculate that. “Too much” covers it. Less than I had last year…maybe. And, I have no regrets!