September’s Sew-in

The Sew-In group that meets monthly at my house is still working on lap quilts for a local hospice facility for Veteran’s.

Working hard:

The evenings quotes:

Q. How are you doing?
A. These people can’t see can they?

  • Do I have to take it all out again? I’ve already sewn that once.
  • She gave me kindergarten scissors (I handed her a bad pair I guess – left over from my daycare days).
  • Okay, now I need a seam ripper.
  • Whoops, I didn’t mean to do that.
  • Uh hello, Dude, work with me here (talking to their machine)
  • Ironing is so relaxing (I have to agree)
  • Oh sure, now  you tell me.
  • Why are you “thunking” (to sewing machine).

The above quote resulted in this nice bird’s nest:

A finish and two ready for quilting and binding.

We have 9 completed and 12 in process.

Thanks Ladies for your hard work!
See you next month!

Enjoy the journey, Jackie