Wednesday’s Whimsy

Thread, a necessary staple for sewing. As a quilter you only need to start with the basics, white, cream, gray, brown but why stop there:

I have all types of threads for various reasons (sales, student use etc.) but I do have favorites:

  • For most of my quilting and piecing I use Aurifil.  It is my favorite thread and their thread card is on my wish list-next to owning all their colors 🙂
  • For embroidery machine and decorative work I use Robison-Anton and Floriani
  • For basic projects, students, classes and donation quilt sew-in’s I have Connecting Threads (can’t be beat for price to provide many different colors.)

Do you have a favorite color or brand? 

  • Valerie (Scooquilt)

    Yes, I’m devoted to Superior Threads! I make many quilts using just their BottomLine 60 wgt, but am always looking for places to sneak in decorative threads and metalics.

  • Aurifill is my face but have a hard time dishing out 11 bucks for a spool of thread, still – Just found sulky blendables – a cotton variegated that behaves well, can get it at Joanne’s online so I wait for a sale 🙂

  • Aurifill is not my face, but my fave – iPad writes for me sometimes. Lol!

    • Jackie

      Just love it when our “smart” devices do our thinking and aren’t correct.