Wednesday Whimsy-1927 Singer Sewing Machine

A dear friend gave this to me for Christmas one year.

It is a 1927 Singer sewing machine. It only sews a straight stitch, has one foot and a knee pedal but it runs like a charm.


I recently had it serviced and the belt replaced so I have put it to good use. Each month during the my Veteran Quilt Sew-in it comes in handy as I have more participants than machines.

I discovered however that without instructions I needed to capture the threading pattern so I would be sure I had it correct each time.
Most sewing machines that I have worked with have a basic threading pattern, but I also know that it is critical that it done correctly.



Kathy, my photographer friend – site found here,  graciously took pictures so I could have a visual reminder.

I know if you run into problems while sewing the first thing to check is thread path.

I could refer to the pictures, knowing if it was threaded correctly, I needed to look elsewhere for the problem.



Can’t forget the bobbin thread. Again most machines are similar, but you never know.

Here is a picture showing the direction the thread should come off the bobbin.

This next picture shows how it is placed in the bobbin case.

I am sure it overkill, but I didn’t want to second guess myself. So now I know.

Kathy is not a sewer, though she is working on a quilt for the Veteran project. I am sure she was puzzled at the pictures I asked her to take, though I know she had fun.



As you can tell by these pictures:

What sewing treasures do you have?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Isn’t it fun to have a machine like this one? I have a 201-2 from 1947 I think and I just love it! I do my FMQ on it and it works perfectly. The only thing I’m missing is the horizontal thread holder. Enjoy your beauty!

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I have only pieced on it. I love the knee pedal, though there are times I reach for the foot.

  • val

    I have one of these treasures too!! As you read, I LOVE it! It’s so fun!

    • val

      I hope others stop by to see this ol girl:)