Whoops I Broke a Needle

“Oh No, I broke a needle.”

Today was another “We Honor Veteran” quilt sew-in. This is the 4th event and the women were much more comfortable behind a sewing machine so there was more chatter. This will be a post of the quotes from the afternoon along with pictures.

“You know it’s bad when it bunches up and you can’t make it stop.”

“Those words sound familiar, but I don’t remember what you are saying.”

“I know you told me before….”

“I brought my own unsewer (seam ripper) today.”

“I brought 2.”

“I need a seam ripper.”

I’ve never sewn a bird’s nest before.”

I didn’t know you could have a bird’s nest in quilting.”

“This isn’t math is it?”

“I am so done with this business.”

“What is this binding that they are all talking about.”

“I only remember the galloping horses.”


A Finish
And Fun

 It was great to see everyone relax and have more fun.

Hope to see you next month.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie