No Bake Layer Cake

I purchased this layer cake quite a while ago as it was on sale and I was intrigued by the whole “pre-cut” idea. I have a set of shelves that are decorated with sewing “pretties” (layer cakes, honey buns, jelly rolls, charm squares, and other sewing memorabilia) where this layer cake contentedly sat for months.

 I pulled it off the shelf where it would be in my range of sight so I could contemplate how I wanted to use it.

My thought was, why purchase a pre-cut and then cut it up into more bits and pieces. If you are going to cut it up why not just buy yardage? Having worked a little with a Honey Bun and Jelly Roll, I now know why but I still was hesitant about cutting up my Layer Cake.

With that mindset, I decided to piece solid colored triangles into each corner to make octagons.

A little boring so I thought about piecing the triangles cut from the corners to make a very small square to place in the center of each solid square.

A little better but still unexciting.

Because I wasn’t sure if I would like this setting I only made 4 test blocks. I basted my pieces and didn’t cut my corners. Can you tell I didn’t want to commit to the design?

I am not impressed by my ideas. It sounded and looked better in my head than it does in reality.

Time to seam rip and go back to the drawing board. Or should I say the kitchen?

Enjoy the journey