Quilt Inspiration

As quilters we see designs if not in our head in the world around us.

While this tiled mural is basically squares and rectangles, it has a lot going on and it immediately caught my eye. I have some Japanese taupes that I think will work to create the soft subtle patterns seen in this picture.

One late sleepless night I happened to notice the tile in my kitchen floor in a new way. Once I really saw the pattern I realized I have found the pattern for my purple and yellow quilt! This particular pattern has 2 “y” seams in it and while I know I can adjust the pattern to eliminate them, I don’t intend to at this time.

Just in case, for those of you that are not quilters, you may think I am alone in my fascination of prints and patterns and future quilts.

This is a picture of a booth taken at a Chick-fil-a.

As odd as that sounds, when I was with Robin and Darla at MQS, Robin mentioned she liked the pattern found at Chick-fil-a but couldn’t quite remember it. I excitedly told her I had the picture in my phone as I had thought the same thing.

Yes, sad I know, but rest assured there are others out there that “get” me.

For more quilting inspiration thoughts or to verify my claims that I am not the only one, check out Sandy’s, “You’re a quilter” page.

I am not alone. Enjoy the journey, Jackie