Granite at Dusk

Stonehenge, what isn’t there to love about Stonehenge?

I started with this over here:

Played with value over here:

 Did some piecing:

 and it became this:

I used the pattern from this book:

I tend to design my own quilts, but this was a pattern I fell in love with and the Stonehenge fabric works perfectly.

There is more Stonehenge where that came from so expect to see more.

RIght now this is on my design wall waiting to be quilted. I need to spend more time just marveling at how you can take fabric and give it dimension based on the color value and placement.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • I really like Granite at Dusk. I must tell you what popped into my head when I first saw your reveal on Twitter: Stone huts lined up together in, let’s say Ancient Rome…where one can come along and catch some relief underneath from the hot Italian sun. Love it!

    • Wow, what a description! Thank you. I really love working on, not really ready to quilt it just yet.