Christmas in July

For weeks the temperatures have been in the high 90’s and over 100 degrees. It is hard to think about Christmas in the heat of the summer.

I am a list maker, and planner. So naturally I have some planned Christmas gifts already. I am one of those individuals that starts my Christmas shopping as soon as the New Year starts. My goal each year is to have all my gifts bought and wrapped by Black Friday. Though I may still be working on the handmade gifts.



Each year I have more on my list and in my head than I ever get done, but I don’t let that deter me from doing it all over again the next year.




So here are some Christmas gifts in process. Some of these were started last year and trust me, while I don’t like to have lists with items not checked off, I have learned not to be so hard on myself.



I won’t lose any sleep if any of them end up on my 2013 Christmas List. Actually I expect that some of them will.



I really don’t want to say too much about what is pictured for obvious reasons. The truth is some of these projects are still in process with no clear end or idea in my head yet. I am still waiting on the “Ah ha” inspiration moment before I finish them up.



Have you started making your Christmas gifts yet? How about your Christmas shopping?

Enjoy the journey,