A Quilt for a Snake???

Remember the sewing project with Grace over here? Well Noah, her 4-year-old brother, didn’t want to be left out of the sewing action so we made a quilt for his snake.

Noah loves animals and he brought a snake to sleep with on an overnight to our house. I am not sure how many young children would want to be in bed with a snake but Noah sure did.

I was impressed by the orange and green colors he choose as they were the same colors in the snake. I am not sure if that was deliberate on his part of not, but it sure seemed that way.

The dimensions were 13 x 15 based on the size of the snake sleeping curled up with simple construction.

I placed two pieces of fabric right sides together, added a piece of batting, and we sewed around the edges leaving an opening, turned right side out and sewed along the edge of the quilt all the way around.

He has since mentioned he would like a sleeping bag for his animals so my plan is to use the same animal print I used for his apron I made for him a while back over here (recognize a theme here 🙂 to make a sleeping bag large enough for his animals.

He was quite proud of his quilt!

Another Christmas project idea!

What wild creatures visit your home?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie