Veteran Quilt Focus Group

I recently held another Veteran Quilt Sew-in. This is the third month we’ve met and we have made a total of 7 quilts, with many more at the binding stage.

My studio has a space for 8 people with 4 machines that can be used (praying for more). I have had 12 different women come to help, ranging from teens to 80’s,  most of them non-sewers when they started and they are doing a wonderful job.More background information can be found on the We Honor Veterans page.

Most everyone has a very good grasp on what to do, so everyone was very focused, and other than a brief snack break, there was very little chatter.

Here is the Focus Group….

 Thank you Ann, Jackie, Kathy, Kim, Marji, Mary, Rosetta and Rosie for your hard work.  Dianne, Lucinda, Lynn, Stephanie and Sherry you were missed, hopefully you can make it the next time. 

I think we need to name our group, any suggestions?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie