Fabric Bracelets

I follow the Sew Can She blog and they featured a tutorial by Lots of Pink Here on making fabric bracelets (the pippa cuff).

My 2 1/2 year-old granddaughter loves clothes and shoes and anything girly so I thought I would make one for her.

Small pieces of fabric and batting, pearl snap and a hammer and spool are all you need.

As I expected she loved it and when asked if she wanted to help me make another one and she said “yes” in her cute emphatic way. I told her after dinner we would make one and as soon as she was done eating, she started tugging on my arm, pulling me towards the sewing studio (gotta love it!).

I have a basket of scraps that she has access to so I told her to pick out her fabric. Pink, imagine that?

I show in previous post over here, her sewing with me. She is very careful with pushing the right buttons and guiding the fabric while I run the machine. She was quite pleased with her second bracelet. I increased the length of the second one by 1/2 inch, as the first one using the dimensions given just fits her and I wanted to give her a little wiggle and growth room.

Here she is showing off her necklace as well.

I think grandma will be making a few more of these….

Do you have someone in your life that likes to sew?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie