Pillow Projects Day One

My daughter can sew, but her passion is creating with food, and cake decorating (Sweet Spirations). In addition to her side business and corralling 4 boys (8, 6, 4, 2) she homeschools, babysits, works outside the home, and is very active in her church. Her creativity is used to keep her family fed with healthful choices, planning interesting lessons for her boys and fun activities for the Women’s Ministry at church.

 So when I visit, she has sewing projects for me.

One of her edible creations:

Our sewing project-pillows.

Her job – make preparations for an afternoon tea she was hosting on Sunday for 50 women.

My job – take what she had in her head and on paper and translate it to fabric.

It was fun using fabric I would not normally buy and I enjoyed having Kristen work alongside me. She was in charge of making the fabric flowers and I was more than happy to let her do that as they were too tedious for me. 

I cut 4 inch strips the width of the fabric, which she sewed into a long tube and turned right side out. She then folded and turned the strip around a center point.

Here are the ones she made for her skirts I made at last years visit:

 The pillows were sewn envelope style so once I had the dimensions figured it was quick work to cut and sew. It is very satisfying to accomplish so much in one day.

What do you enjoy doing with those you love?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie