Paper Piecing On the Go

While camping and visiting my daughter, I had very little time for personal sewing, but I did bring along a small portable project in case I found a minute or two to work.

This small bin held the leftover fabric pieces from my “Box of Chocolate” quilt along with paper piecing templates so it made the perfect travel tote.

Knowing I would only have brief moments, I set up at the table with everything within reach.

The left picture shows my stash on the bench seat, ironing station on the table top and my sewing machine. The next picture shows my design board as it sits to my right of where I would be sitting at my machine.

Here are 3 different layout possibilities. I am hoping to have enough fabric for 6, 8 or 9 total. This pattern is called “Old Maid’s Puzzle” and I printed the paper piecing templates from EQ7.

Square Center:Center Star:Wonky Star:

Currently I like the top layout but I hope to have enough squares to play with more options.

What setting appeals to you and why?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie