Color, the More the Merrier

Another “Total Color Tuesday” with Sandy, this time opposites and their friends and you are invited to play along, check out “Quilting for the Rest of Us” for details.

This week’s focus is on 4 color harmony, two colors 2 steps away from each other on the color wheel and their opposites.

I have a quilt that shows one color set, Yellow/purple and two steps away – red/green.

Another grouping would be moving to the other side of purple/yellow combination on the color wheel and add blue/orange as I show below, I really like this color combination.

Now it’s time for the fun to begin and add the colors you “stepped” over in each set, resulting in 3 colors next to each other and their opposites.

 I added the missing colors blue-violet and yellow-orange for this set:

With different prints I could see these fabrics working together. I think the one fabric I would replace with a different print would be the top center one the blue-violet.

Come join the fun.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie