Vacation Fabric Finds

Let the record show that it was my daughter that bought the most fabric.

Kristen went to town with the clearance fabrics and I had fun shopping for fabric with her. 

While I did do a little shopping at Among Friends Quilt Shop in Louisville, KY, I had planned to do most of my damage at a quilt shop near our campground.

Sadly that shop (Craft Town) no longer has a store front, so my future purchases will be online.

My purchase included fabrics for my purple and yellow quilt, and a summer purse I want to make for myself, a new Creative Grids ruler (on sale), a pattern and something just for fun.

I think I am addicted to fat quarters. They are small enough to easily collect, store and provide eye candy with little commitment.

Are you a precut or yardage buyer?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie


  • Kristen Lonberger

    Maybe that’s why I went to town and got so many…because they were clearance….if I had to pay full price maybe I would have only selected a few. 🙂

    • They were fun fabrics, and I think you enjoyed playing with the possibilities. Think of how hard it is for me, a fabric lover. 🙂

  • Becki

    Love the purple and yellow together! What kind of purse are you going to make?

    • The purple and yellow are for a quilt I have in mind, I have purchased many more than I will need but that is okay.

      The other fabrics are for the purse that is still in my head, I hope to get it on paper soon unless I come across a pattern that I love. I am thinking a medium size with a 2 inch band at the top, with a magnetic closure, and grommets on the end for the straps. The bottom part I want gathered at the band and extending out a bit to make a larger bottom. Pockets of course on the inside and at least one on the outside. Maybe zippered.