Camping with Grandsons

This is one of the “& More” posts that has nothing to do with sewing, but it is full of the important things in life.

I am writing this on my way home from our vacation through cloudy eyes as I relive the time with my daughter, son-in-law and their four boys.


We tend to pack our time together with as much living as could be had in a week and it included a couple of days with these 4 boys camping.

It has become the highlight of our week for them. Weeks ago, the endless, “Is today the day Grandma and Grandpa are coming?” or “Are we going camping today?” questions started at their house. A couple of them even started to lay out their clothes so they would “be ready” when the time came.

 Here they are the first thing in the morning and yes, if you look closely enough you can find them. The trailer looked like it had exploded with all their belongings. I learned real quick to throw everything to one side, I was outnumbered.

While our trailer is small when it is just the two of us we have cozy place to spend together. Add 4 boys and it sure gets crowded quickly. Add 100+ temps to the mix… well you get the picture.

We spent a lot of time at the pool and playground. All the activity wore us out, but I think the boys fared better than we did.

Their highlights from our time together as we recounted our week together:

  • Fireworks
  • Learning to swim
  • Playing water baseball
  • “horsey” on tubes in the water
  • Getting to see Yogi Bear (the 4 year old couldn’t wait to tell Yogi he was 4)
  • Baseball
  • McDonald’s playplace (great place for a break on a hot day)
  • Sleeping in the trailer

Kristen, Carlos, Camden, Colson, Caiden and Christian, we love you and miss you.

What tugs at your heartstrings today?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie