Color Play Week Five

This is part of a series that Sandy over at Quilting for the Rest of Us is doing. Wow, just when I thought there was nothing else you could do with analogous colors on the color wheel, Sandy decides it is time they play with friends.

 “Fiveses with a friend” she calls it. Week five, hmm I wonder if that was intentional. So who are the “five” and where does the “friend” come in….you take 5 colors next to each other on the color wheel and then go invite a friend opposite all your buddies. In this case the 5 buddies are blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green, and yellow. They decided to invite red to their party.

Here is another party starting at the opposite end of the color wheel with red, red-orange, orange, yellow -orange and yellow and they invite blue to their party.

 In this final party we have blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet, and red-violet and orange is invited to the party.

I’m not a party fan myself as I don’t like crowds and for those of you that don’t know me, my definition of a crowd is more than 2 – me and you. 🙂 However I can see how any of these combinations may work with the right pattern.

Now for a dilemma, my vacation is next week and we are visiting my daughter and family (I can’t wait). However, I will miss next weeks color play unless I can find a good excuse to go to a fabric store so I can pull bolts of fabric off the shelves and go crazy with a camera with a possible purchase or two.

Not sure my family will understand, so any comments to help my cause would be appreciated as I speak a foreign language when it comes to fabric and quilting.

Come join the party, for even this non-crowd, non-party person is enjoying this weekly gathering.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Love love love the second party! That’s the one I’d want to go hang out in, although I may not be quite scintillating enough for that crew. All those yellows and oranges set off by that blue are wonderful! Don’t get me wrong–I could be quite happy hanging out at parties one and three, too. But I think party two would get the largest portion of my evening. Have a great vacation! (I’ve decided that next week I’m going to do two color harmonies at once because they’re pretty closely related. So bring your camera. Tell your family that Sandy told them to be nice to you and let you play for a bit in a fabric store.)

  • Diane Rincon

    I really hope you get a chance to participate next week, especially since it’s been fascinating to watch the different examples you do of Sandy’s color play.!