Analogous Again!

Color Play with Sandy over at Quilting for the Rest of Us.I feel like a child sitting in a classroom and the teacher comes in and says, “Class get out your vocabulary words” and everyone groans.

Seriously Sandy, Analogous Again (insert whine)?                                                             Can I be done yet?                                                                                                                 Do I have to do it (and yes, I know in this case I don’t “have” to do it)?

Okay enough of the little child, but I just couldn’t resist. I really did think we would be done with analogous. Now that I am back to being a grown-up again (whose idea was that anyway) and ready to take on the tougher challenges in the world, let’s talk about “extended analogous color harmony” which Sandy is calling “Fivesies.”

Extended analogous color harmony is taking 5 colors next to each other on the color wheel. Such as my example above. I had a really difficult time with this but I am very pleased with the arrangement.

For a progression of analogous that I have done so far:

There is analogous:

Analogous with an attitude:

And analogous again (or Fivesies):

I tried to find other combinations, but it was really hard not to find something that wasn’t boring – at least to me. That can also be an indication that I have a weak stash. Hummm, I wonder if I can convince my husband (really myself) that I need to buy more fabric.

Visit Sandy’s site and come and play with color.

Enjoy the journey


  • Think we are following the book … I would know for sure IF I could find where I have my book.

    LOVE your lights… need more of those for my collection.