Trying on a Quilt Design for Size

My Box of Chocolates quilt is basted and ready to quilt.

It has been on my design wall off and on for a while as I have been waiting for the quilt to talk to me and to tell me how it wants to be quilted.

There are many possible design patterns in the quilt that really draw your eye around the quilt and I don’t want to lose that with the quilt design. If I quilt the same design in any one pattern, then your eye may rest on that particular pattern and that may be the only pattern your see.

Here are the possible patterns I see in the section of the quilt below:

Squares with a center quarter square triangles surrounded by a “border” and this is the square that inspired the name.

Smaller squares made up of 4 strips across the diagonal.
Or take 4 of those smaller squares on point with a quarter square triangle in the middle and you have a pinwheel type of effect.
Take another set of 4 smaller squares where 8 points meet in the center and you can see a double cross or “t” pattern.

I don’t want my eye to rest on any one pattern, so I have “tested” a quilting pattern by using a basting stitch before committing.

A close-up:

This quilt pattern will require a lot of starts and stops as well as turning unless I decided to free motion my straight stitching. Not sure if I want to do that.

What are your thoughts?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • landscapelady

    You also see this quilt differently depending on where you stand looking at it or where it is hung (high, low ect.) I would hate to distract from the design with to much quilting. I know stitch in the ditch is boring but maybe for this quilt ?

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  • Nita Hayes

    Like it.