Color Play – Analogous

This is week two of Sandy’s “Total Color Tuesday” challenge.

Analogous color schemes use 3 colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
I have learned that my stash is limited but for this week, I have a finished quilt that fits perfectly. Little did I know when I participated in a challenge Sandy had last year, I would be prepared for this one.

A recent fat quarter bundle purchase  is perfect for these challenges.

Here you can use yellow-green/green/blue or green/blue/purple or blue/purple/pink or purple/pink/red or pink/red/orange or red/orange/yellow or orange/yellow/ yellow-green or yellow/yellow-green/green. Phew!

I could stop with my fat quarters but I really wouldn’t be learning very much if I didn’t look at my stash and pick out fabrics from there.

These were all in my “children” bin so it was fairly easy to put together. This has a green/blue greens/blues. I think I could take out the center piece that is white dominant but it blends well between the blue-green on the left with the blue on the right. It also provides greater values for contrast.
This next set, not so easy.

It is blues/purples/pinks, though the darker purple loses its depth in the picture. While I don’t know that I would use all of these in a quilt, looking at them as they flow from one to the next I like what I see.

Playing with fabric, does it get any better?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie