Color Play – Monochromatic

Sandy over at Quilting for the Rest of Us is having a linky party on Tuesdays with color and she has invited us to play along.

My fat quarters are generally sorted by color so it was easy to pick a drawer and start playing.

My stash is not huge, but I did think I would easily pull enough monochromatic fabrics that would play well together and offer enough contrast in value to make an interesting quilt.

I started with my reds as that was the bin with most and while I did have enough to put together two sets of reds, I didn’t have enough light or medium for this first group to make an interesting quilt. The first 3 colors go well together, I am not so sure about the top two in the group.

Believe it or not this second group was also in my red bin, but these fall more on the orange side of the color wheel than the reds above.

There is enough contrast in this group, and I think they would make a soothing quilt. They just don’t appeal to me.

Oddly enough it was my green that offered the most possibilities.

Green is not a color that I think, “oh, I really need that color” to make a quilt pop. And while the tones in these greens are not vibrant there is a lot of contrast with the possibilities of making an interesting quilt.

Then there are these, hand-dyed fabrics from Liberty Homestead. Bundled and ready to go. 



And then there is my Box of Chocolates:


Come play with Sandy on Tuesdays.
Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Love your fat quarter color wheel!

    Looks like you didn’t have the same problem with greens that I did. I like your combinations, although I agree the red one could use a little more contrast. Love your Box of Chocolates quilt.

    One of the things I’m learning from this weekly exercise is what parts of my stash are a little thin. Every time I work with a particular scheme, I find myself thinking, “Really? I don’t have any X? I thought I had plenty of Y! Gee, I could really use me some Z.” On the flip side, I’m getting to reacquaint myself with my fabrics since I’m burrowing through them each week. It’s been a hoot.

    And now you’re making me thinking, “I’d better check out Liberty Homestead.” 🙂

    Thanks for playing!
    Quilting…for the Rest of Us

    • The color wheel was easy, it was a stack of fat quarters I just purchased.
      Liberty Homestead was a very nice place to visit, a step back in time. It was hard to choose what fabrics to purchase. I don’t have plans for it yet, I just couldn’t resist.

      Why is it that fabric is so hard to resist?

      Can’t wait to see what Tuesday’s challenge will be.

  • What I am finding from this exercise is I HAVE TOO BIG a stash. I need to either sew faster and more …. or stop buying fabric… Do not think either is going to work.

    I am beginning to have a big problem with the PROFESSIONAL QUILTERS, QUILT DIVAs, telling regular quilters they have to have a big stash…. I think that is such POOR ADVICE …. Fabric styles, color change and your (the quilter) tastes change… then you are stuck with tons of fabric that no longer appeal or work with your current projects. It is much better to keep small stash of very generic fabrics and just buy for the project you are working on…. Buying fresh fabric is a lot more fun too.