Veteran Quilt Results

On Saturday, with eight sewers (teen through elderly), many power outages (running several machines and 2 irons were the culprit), 12 bobbins, 6 sewing machines, lots of chocolate, 3 rotary blades and 8 hours later, we have 12 quilt tops (one finish) ready to be quilted and bound.

This project started over here, and here will continue for the next few months.

This day was designed for people to come and sew anytime between 9-3 (it went well past 5), as schedules permitted. Some came and left early while others arrived later in the day.

We started out with the important things – chocolate. Naturally.


Rosie, the youngest sewer, had never sewn before but boy did she catch on quickly. She is a natural (future quilter?).

You can see how intent she is on her work. She did a great job, quilting and binding a “cheater”  cloth.

In the background is her Grandmother, Rosetta.


Rosetta came expecting to be hand sewing, not realizing that a “modern quilting bee” may include the use of machines. She also caught on quickly and pieced a top in one afternoon.




Quotes from the day:

Iron, I thought that was what the dryer was for.

Cutting, how hard can it be?

I won’t have to seam rip this will I?

It’s not going in a show, don’t worry about it.

If you can’t see your mistake while riding past it on a galloping horse, then no one else will notice.


Pictures from the day:











Thank you for all your hard work,.

I hope to see you next month as we continue to work on these.
Thank you to Jackie for lending your machine and to Kathy for stopping in between seams to take pictures.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Landscapelady

    What a great thing you are doing, and looks like so much fun! I wish I lived near I would join in – love Rosetta!

    • Thank you, it was fun, but I was so tired at the end of the day. Will plan another one for June.