Pizza and Preschoolers

 I am sure you are wondering how pizza and preschoolers belong on a quilting and sewing blog. For two reasons it is about two of my grandchildren, and aprons.

My husband and son were out-of-town so it was natural to have a “girls night out” with my daughter-in-law, though it included their two younger ones, Noah, soon to be four, and Grace, who just turned 2.

Pizza was on the menu and while it has been forever since I have made pizza dough, it was the perfect opportunity to have the grand-kids enjoy the fun of rolling out and making their own pizza dough.

Here is Grace, not wanting to stop to put on her apron, but not really liking to touch the dough either. So much like her Daddy in that way.

Earlier that day it occurred to me that if they were going to cook at Grandma’s they needed aprons. So even though I was at work my mind started considering my options. I knew I had cupcake fabric that would be perfect for Grace. Noah’s, on the other had, I wasn’t so sure about. Once I got home I rushed to plan, cut and sew, hoping I was sizing them correctly. Sadly, the best I could do for Noah was a solid blue fabric. I didn’t have enough time otherwise I would have embroidered his name on it.

Noah’s first response to the aprons were, “Grace’s apron is more fun!” I assured him I would make his “more fun”, but I needed to know what he wanted on his. After some thought he said a tiger.

My plan was to add an embroidered tiger to his name until I found this fabric:

Not only did it have tigers but other animals which I knew he will love.


I made two, one for home and one for Grandma’s. I also made it a little larger so he has more room to grow. He hasn’t seen it yet, but I suspect he will think it was “more fun.”

Enjoy the journey, I sure am. Jackie