Road Trip

I returned last night from a road trip where my daughter and I met 1/2 way in St. Louis, MO for an overnight Mother/Daughter bonding time. Even though it was just over a day long, we packed a lot of eating, talking, laughing, shopping and sleeping into our time together. I miss her dearly and I wish she didn’t live so far away.

One of our excursions included a trip into historic St. Charles, where we dodged rain and found a few fun shops that were open on a Monday. One of them a fabric shop, Patches, Etc which is a quilt and button shop. They have a lot of fabric displayed neatly in a small shop with a back room devoted to patterns and buttons.

Before entering my DD made mention of the length of time she suspected I would be as fabric is not her first craft love. I teased her and said it wouldn’t be as long as we had just spent in a spice shop, which of course I enjoyed as well.

There was special pricing if you purchased 10 fat quarters, so naturally I needed to take advantage of that. My original goal was to find creams, purples and yellows for future projects. I started out with several purples and yellows and was side-tracked by the soft taupe fabrics which I have also started collecting. So away went all the purples and yellows but 2 purples and out came the taupe’s.The taupe’s will be perfect for a couple of gifts I have in mind. I just hope what I have pictured in my mind executes into what I want it to be.

I must mention at this point, I was done shopping. My daughter however was not. She spotted this fabric and envisioned pillows for her newly remodeled basement/craft/home-schooling room.

She “duly noted” that I had finished shopping in a fabric shop before she had. 🙂 She also purchased a couple of other fabrics for flowers for the pillows that went home with her.

Are you wondering why I have this fabric? Once she decides on what pattern she wants for the pillows and I find the matching dark gray fabric (yes she did trust me, though for a bit I wondered) , I will make the pillows for her.

Love you Kristen, same time next year?