Too Young to Sew?

This is my granddaughter at 18 months. My sewing studio is in the basement so it is not often anyone is down there with me other than students. This is a day when my son dropped over and came in through the garage. She immediately wanted to sit on my lap and help. Here she is helping me thread the machine.  Look at her feet, she obviously doesn’t know you are supposed to have shoes on your feet in my room. 

Here she is 9 months later:

Putting the needle in the down position.

Very intently guiding the fabric.

Pushing the button to cut the thread:

Lifting the presser foot:I am always “done” before she is, as it should be. When I did let her know we were done, her eye caught a little jar of thimbles and she amused herself with those before spotting buttons. Color play became the new game as she carefully choose them one by one to show me and name the color.

I can’t help but be pleased and I hope her desire to “sew” stays with her for years to come. She asked to go downstairs and went right to the machine to sew. She certainly is very intent and serious about it at this time.

Soon I will plan a pillow for her to make for her doll.

When we went upstairs to tell Grandpa that Grace had fun sewing, her brother, who is almost 4, stated that he had more fun watching movies with Grandpa.

So how young is too young to learn to sew?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie