I have more than one machine. Each one has a specific purpose. I remember when I had a very basic sewing machine and I thought having a serger would be the icing on the cake. Well I do have a serger, along with several other machines. Some gifts, some old, some I worked and saved for. All used and appreciated.

Pictured above is my “quilting” machine. It only does a straight stitch and it sits in a cabinet so my quilt tops are well supported, in theory. It is amazing how I can have so much space for my quilt to rest and it still manages to fall off an edge or into my lap when I am not looking. It is like they have a mind of their own with several plans of escape.

An advantage of having an embroidery machine is you can set it up to sew and go. It is not recommended you walk away from it as Murphy’s Law will catch up to you from time to time. I know my machine well enough to be able to hear when something is not going well and I stay close enough to rescue any project that may be in danger of harm

So while I was working on a banner, I was also able to sew on a binding. The stops and starts and thread changes that are required with the embroidery machine also provide a break from sewing.

Bed quilt – completed, washed, waiting for pictures
Embroidery project – completed and another one started

I can’t say I always increase the production of my time, but I am pleased when I do.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie