Grandmother to be Shower

I attended my first ever “Grandmother to Be” shower today at work. All the grandmothers were asked to bring pictures of their grandchildren and items every grandmother should have in her home for when the new baby comes to visit.

It was a surprise for the new grandmother-to-be which made it even more enjoyable.

I typically make personalized “mini minkee blankets” for new moms so of course every grandmother should have one on hand as well. After seeing the banner Katie did over at “Katie’s Quilting Corner” I thought it would be nice to make a banner as well.

Here are close-ups of the blanket.

 The “I Love Grandma” is from Embroidery Library. The banner was from Big Dreams Embroidery.  I digitized the sun so I could cover up the stitching on the back with the yellow fabric from the front.

Congratulations Jeanne, being a grandmother is one of the best joys in life.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie