Quilting Community

I discovered the online quilting community a year and a half ago.

It started with this:

Someone suggested I purchase an iPod to store my music for listening in the car. I had a 30 minute commute to work that I dreaded each day. It was also suggested to me to use it to listen to podcasts. I had heard of podcasts but I really didn’t know what they were, same with blogs.

I found a couple of podcasts that were okay, but not terribly engaging. I noticed that there were “craft” type podcasts and on a whim typed in quilting and “Quilting for the Rest of Us” showed up. I downloaded all the back recordings and was hooked. I started reading Sandy’s blogs, discovered more quilting podcasts and blogs and became addicted.

Severe allergies prevent me from connecting locally with fellow quilters so the online community provides a quilting social element that I otherwise would not have. I don’t podcast so the interaction is limited but email, twitter and comments encourage participation. I also started this blog several months ago to become more involved with the connection as well as a way to document my quilt life.

Sandy is celebrating her 2nd year of podcasting with a “2nd Podcastaversary Giveaway” Check out her site and the podcasters I have listed on my side bar.

Thank-you podcasters!

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

P.S. Many of the quilt podcasters are having giveaway to celebrate with Sandy, click on their links in her blog to check out their party gifts.