Time to Bind

Quilting is done!!!!
Time to bind.

After a couple of days of sitting like this, I realized that I want to be done. The quilt is for our bed. I have not hand quilted it so is anyone going to care if I machine sew the binding? Not me. At least not at this point.

As you can see, I am machine binding on the wrong side. I had planned to hand sew the binding. I suppose I could seam rip the binding, reapply it to the back this time and machine sew the edge from the front but is anyone going to notice it other than me? Is anyone going to care? Not me.

I am using “Wonder Clips to help hold the binding in place, I discovered them a while ago and they really work better than hair clips. 

To make sure I catch the back of my binding I am sewing really slow. Do you think this qualifies for Sandy’s “Slow Quilt Movement?” 🙂

Time to bind and time to be done.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie