On Friday I finished quilting my hexagon challenge project so I could bind it this weekend.

I was so excited about getting the quilting done, I worked to finish the quilting on another project. Now I have two quilts to bind. Both quilts are part of my 2012 Finish-a-Long hosted by Rhonda over at Quilter in the Gap. The other project I have to finish for this quarter’s challenge is my bed quilt.

The fabric was a kit for a sewing kit and book cover from Connecting Threads. Once I had the fabric out of the package I realized the fabrics are really not me and I planned a quilt instead. I was limited of course by the amount I had, but I added some Kona white to make a lap size or baby mat size quilt.It will make a nice gift or donation quilt.

So what did you do this weekend?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie