Leaders and Enders

 Katie over at “Katie’s Quilting Corner” talked about piecing a quilt using leaders and enders. Leaders and enders are those scraps of fabric you use to put in your machine before and after you chain piece. You use those scrap fabrics until they can be used no more, i.e. no more thread can possibly be sewn on those scraps of fabric.

Many times I use a pair of fabrics that are in the next set of chain piecing I plan to sew and they become my leaders and enders. When that is not possible I would use a scarp piece of fabric.

It is a system Bonnie Hunter uses so I did some research and discovered that with advance planning you can have quilt pieces already to go that serve as your beginning and ending pieces and set to the side when complete.

So while I may have 10 pieces in my set to chain piece, I will start with the fabric from another quilt, chain piece my 10 and end with fabric for the other quilt. When I remove my pieces from the machine, I leave the last piece I have sewn in the machine as the start of the next chain piece set.

New leaders and enders, only instead of using scrap fabrics, I now have pieces that can be used in a future quilt.

I must say I am excited. I have a decent sized stack ready and waiting and more to use for a future quilt.

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie