Tea Towel Aprons

The bottom two pieces of fabric are tea towels, the top fabric is for the straps and pockets.

I feel like I am getting side tracked by quick and easy projects, but my efforts are two-fold. I had a list a mile long in 2011 of items I wanted to finish. Plus another list of things I made in addition to my “resolution” list, such as commissioned quilts, bags, skirts, and many gifts and donated quilts.

Another tea towel with the pocket fabric on top. I will need to buy a different fabric or ribbon for ties for this one.

Back to my many quick and easy projects of late.

These are items left over from 2011 and I want to finish them up so my 2012 list has more room for some “want to’s” to be added. Plus, these are things I have wanted to make “just because” and I am being kind to myself by doing some things I would like to do. Granted they are all things that I most likely will give away, but I am having fun making them.

Rest assured the quilting hasn’t stopped while all of this crafty creation is going on. I am always quilting in my head and sometimes other pursuits open up the creative mind for new ideas. So while I craft there is a quilt that I am machine quilting a bit here and there from time to time, quilt pieces on my design board and several (ok, more than several) bins with future projects waiting for me.

Do you have any “undone” items on your list from 2011, whether it be a craft project or a relationship connection or other?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie