1st Quarter F-A-L Update

I am participating in Rhonda from “Quilter in the Gap” 2012 Finish-A-Long. If you have WIP’s and UFO’s it is a fun way to make progress. It is too late to join the 1st quarter fun, but not too late to join in the later groups.

Of the three projects I listed the bed quilt is the one I would continue to work on.

Currently I have 5 more center/wreath feathers to quilt. I think at that point I will be about 1/2 through the quilting.

The start of it can be seen over here.

 The hexagons have moved from a top shelf (out of sight, out of mind).

To here:

Now I have to admit that even though this bin is now on my cutting table, other projects have overtaken this bin……. I hate it when that happens.

Progress, it is all about the progress.

Finally “Spring Fever” has gone from a plain quilt top, to a basted top:

Side note about the bed quilt. I have been trying different types of quilt template paper to use to quilt my feather wreaths. One more to try before I cast my vote.

Are you making progress on any 2012 goals?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie