Princess Skirt

My granddaughter is a true girl. Even at two she loves purses and shoes and clothes and playing with Mommy’s make-up.

Here she is at her birthday party showing off an apron I made for her.

Here is the fabric for the next project I plan to make. Pink and glitter. I had hoped to have it done in time for Valentines Day, but she is small for her age and I needed to take measurements. I plan to make a simple gathered skirt layering the two fabrics together.
Using the same material I plan to applique hearts on a t-shirt she can wear with the skirt.

I purchased plenty of fabric, hopefully to make a skirt with layered ruffles.

This is not practical, just fun.

What have you done lately, “just for fun?”
Enjoy the journey,

  • weezejames

    So? Are you going to show the finished skirt? 🙂