Pretend Play

We celebrated Christmas this week with my daughter and family. She has 4 boys, 7, 5, 3 and 1.

The older ones are into pretend play so one of the items I made were lab coats.

I bought white shirts at the thrift shop and because some of the shirts were from the women’s section, I removed the buttons. I also removed the collar to give it more of a “coat” look vs. a shirt.


I embroidered their names on felt and attached pins on the back. This will enable them to use their badges for other applications as well.                             


Every little boy needs a superhero cape, so each one has a cape in their size.


The capes are made from drapery weight fabric someone gave me. She knows I quilt and she thought I could use it in my quilting. 🙂

It has embossed flowers on it and when I put it through the wash, the embossing disappeared into the material. If you look closely enough on the right side you can still see the roses, otherwise you wouldn’t know they are there.

I found a suggestion online to use elastic for the armholes instead of a tie  around the neck. I loved the idea, and with 4 boys running around the chances of someone pulling on a cape and someone getting hurt are great. This will prevent choking injuries.

It has been a fun week, with lots of activity. They leave today and I hate to see them go.

Good-bye boys, I will miss you, thank you for enriching my life.

Who in your life has blessed you this week.
Enjoy the journey, Jackie