Machine or Hand Piece?

While Sandy over at “Quilting For the Rest of Us” is starting the “Slow Quilting Movement” I have been contemplating hand sewing my hexagon project.

I started out last summer over here determined I would conquer these and machine piece.

And I must admit I was able to piece a sizable number by machine.

Whether I machine or hand piece, marking is necessary so there is no saving time at this step.



It could be argued that machine piecing is faster. When piecing small hexagons it is tedious with a lot of stops and starts. Not to mention the seam ripper action that requires you to start over.

While I am not averse to using my seam ripper and I encourage those taking classes from me to “make friends with your seam ripper,” I don’t want to be joined at the hip with my seam ripper either. 


Hand piecing does have its advantages.

It’s portable.

It may force me to take a lunch break at work for quilting therapy.

I can put the stitch exactly where I need it .

Less stress.

The result will be the same.

The pieces are in a bag with needle, thread and thimble. Lunch breaks, here we come – I hope.

What decision have you made lately that will refresh you?

Enjoy the journey,    Jackie