Toddler Purse and Tea Towel Apron

We celebrated my granddaughter’s second birthday today. She had a mini party on her actual birth day so I had already given her gifts, but last night I remembered I wanted to make her a purse and apron.

So today’s celebration would be the perfect opportunity. for more gifts.

I started out with a concept in my head and with only a couple of glitches I was successful.

First I sent a text to her parents asking how tall she was (36 inches). When the apron was complete, I laid it out on my cutting mat and wondered if it would be long enough. So I sent another text asking how long she was from the neck to mid-thigh. I am sure they were perplexed as they had no idea what I was making.

The apron is a tea towel (28×28) that I cut in half and gathered at the cut edge. I used cupcake fabric for the bib and waist straps. I used ribbon for the neck ties and if I had enough I would have used them for the waist ties as well.   Much quicker.

The purse was two simple rectangle pieces of fabric (if I remember correctly about 16 x 8 inches). I used ribbon for the handle (double piece sewn together for stability), as well as for the casing for the elastic opening. I sewed right sides together leaving an opening for turning. Then I turned the purse right side out and sewed the ribbon casing 2 inches down from the top on each side. Once the elastic was secure I sewed up the side seams of the purse, wrong sides together catching in the ribbon strap. Done!

The elastic “closure” is perfect for little hands to open.



I thought about adding a ruffle to the apron for length and then I decided to wait and add it later if needed.

Good thing I waited…..

She has plenty of growing room and her Dad thinks in two years I can add the ruffle for length.  🙂

I have the other half of the tea towel so I can make an apron for her to use at Grandma’s.

So how did you celebrate today?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie