Fleece, Fat Quarters, and Frugality

I had planned to make quilts for my daughters 4 boys, ages 7, 5, 3 and 18 months, for Christmas. Never happened.

Then I decided they would be this years birthday presents.

Dilemma – two of the birthdays are in the next few weeks and I haven’t started them yet.

The original plan was to make a wall hanging for each boy and include a picture and descriptive words about them at this point in their life. This was last summer when I was visiting. My daughter and I picked out fat quarters with a theme that would suit each boy.

The wall hanging idea turned into a quilt idea and one lone fat quarter will not suffice for a child size quilt. So I was scrapping the entire project until I found fleece blankets in a local drug store for $2.50 (bargain!)

To keep it simple I planned to embroidery their name on the blanket and be done. Simple, quick and inexpensive. Can it get any better? Only my mind keep thinking of those fat quarters I bought. So a new plan has been birthed.

Can’t beat the price of $2.50 for fleece blankets and I get to use the fat quarters after all!

What surprise have you encountered in your life lately that sparked creativity?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie