Asian Bed Runner


It started over here and here and continued here.

This is for my friend Kathy who takes many of my pictures. The ones that are really good and/or creative.

I wanted to use the floral print in larger blocks so the design wouldn’t get lost.

Once it was pieced how to quilt the cream spaces,  particularly around the characters became a challenge. I thought about using a floral design or
butterflies to echo the printed fabric, but I couldn’t bring myself to add any more flowers to the quilt. Using words because the perfect solution. Close-ups pictures with more explanation can be found over here.

I decided to use a straight stitch diamond shape inside each printed fabric. That carried over the shape from the top and bottom border and helped balance the stitching designs.

While the design had many twists and turns in the making, the final result was worth it.

Happy Birthday Kathy, and thank you for the gift of your friendship!

What do you have to be thankful for today?
Enjoy the journey, Jackie