Quilt Plans

This is a continuation of the Asian bed runner I am making for a friend started over here.

Pictured above the middle strip (which I pieced before I planned the next step and caused all sorts of challenges) are various options I thought about using to frame the top and bottom of the center strip.

More options as I continued to “plan.”

Most people who know me would say without hesitation I am highly organized and a planner. So much so, my kids groan inwardly when they get emails from me when it is time for a family event. They know I am about to get the plans all detailed out.

I am discovering however that most quilts I start, are not as well planned as you would think. (For my children who will read this, it does not mean I will stop making plans for our family events).

I may have an idea in my head, but translating it to fabric requires many changes. The planning happens as I move along in the process. In fact, the end result rarely ends up as I had “planned and this quilt is no exception.  If you compare the remaining fabric choices to the first post that contained all the fabrics, most are not included.

Which option would you choose?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie