Pink & Purple

Pink, I am not a pink person.

My daughter however is. Pink and purple are her favorite colors, always has been. At least for as long as we have known her. As I mentioned on my “About Me” page, we adopted one of our 15 foster children. Melissa was 10 when she moved in with us and 14 when we adopted her. It took that long. The main reason for the delay was the needs that she had and services that we needed to have in place for her. She is 31 now, hard to believe, but still a young child. She shares an apartment with another young woman that is fully staffed when the women are there. She wanted a decorative pillow for her bed.

I found fabric in my stash and decided to have some fun with it. I used my Sashiko machine to do the quilting lines. I made a quilt sandwich with the top fabric, using muslin as the backing and randomly quilted the straight lines across the pillow. Then I appliqued the circles on and stitched around each circle.

I think she will love it and I really enjoyed going “outside” my box to make something different. What have you done lately that was outside your box?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie
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