No Greater Love

My husband’s mother was graciously taken care of by nuns that befriended her when she was a young woman. When his mother was no longer able to care for herself and her health began to fail, she was taken in and cared for by the nuns.

This quilt was made as a tribute and gift for both my husband, his sister and the women who tenderly cared for my mother-in-law in her later years. Each element was carefully chosen with meaning.

The top upper left is a picture of my mother-in-law both in her later years and as a  young woman. Roses were her favorite flowers. The top upper right is the tribute written for the Sister’s of Mercy. The two bottom sections were chosen by my husband and his sister.

The cross in the center symbolizes the faith of my mother-in-law as well as the nuns who cared for her. I used a painted technique creating shadows to “carve” out the words “No Greater Love” on the “wooden” part of the cross.

This now hangs in the Sister’s home where she was cared for.

Thank you Sister’s of Mercy for your sacrificial love and care for one of our loved ones.

It seems fitting as we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Christ to remember the cross and the love that started as a baby in a manger.

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie

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