“Take 5” Bed Quilt Continues

Over here, I wrestled with the dilemma of how to quilt this.

I actually tried a few different ideas, which meant I did some “unsewing” (the technical term for “ripping out”) before I decided on a circular feather pattern.

I don’t care to use templates when I machine quilt, but I don’t have much experience with circular feathers (read – “no experience”) and because I plan to put one in each block section, I thought it would be best to mark the fabric.

Second dilemma, how to mark it as the colors varied from very light to very dark in each square.

I am using Golden Threads Quilting Paper, which is fine, other than I can’t see my stitching lines when I have to travel so you can see my overlaps “missed” in some places. Other than figuring out a way to mark on the fabric directly, I think I have found the next best solution.

Love the angle of this shot. Neither my camera or my skills measure up to this level of photography. Again my good friend Kathy is willing to come over (she has as much fun as I do, I am pretty sure), from time to time to take some of my pictures.

So, if you were quilting this quilt, what would you recommend I use to mark it? I really want to backtrack on my stitches so it is hardly noticed.

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie