Christmas Ornaments

Last year I started the tradition of making a personalized ornament for each grandchild each year. I try to create something that is fitting for them for that particular year.

Here is what I did last year.


I always make up several for last-minute gift giving as well.

This is last year’s gift ornament.

The designs vary from my design to ones I have purchased. I then add the names and year and stitch it all on felt. They are done completely in the hoop.

If anyone is interested in the instructions for stitching them in the hoop or if you want a customized one for yourself email at the address below.

This is what I have for this year for all the grandchildren.

One thing nice about these ornaments, is they will not break over the years. Plus when it comes time for them to move to a new home when the children grow up they will pack up nicely.

Right now, I think Mom and Dad appreciate them more than the kids do, but that will change.

Here is a close-up of the gift ornament.

What traditions do you have at your house for Christmas?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie

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