Amazing Grace & Birthday Presents

Do you remember the story I told about Grace over here, and here a couple of weeks ago?

She will be turning two soon. Hard to believe. Truly God’s amazing grace.

I made a back pack for her brother Noah last year. My son has informed me that she will want one also once she realizes Noah is using his more.

This is the same backpack I altered over here, based on my sons suggestions.


This one you see now has another change. I made the opening on the top and used Velcro closures.

Here is the back with adjustable straps.

I think the front needs a little more pizzazz, but I have to remember this is for a 2-year-old. It really made a difference in the look of the design with an opening in the front vs. the top.

The other gift she is getting is a baby doll blanket and pillow. She has a small bear that is her “baby” that goes everywhere with her. It is a much-loved bear and he has the markings to prove it.

I found this fabric in my left over stash that says, “I love my grandma” all over it. I had purchased it a couple of years ago for a commissioned quilt. I thought it would be perfect for Grace’s baby blanket. 🙂

The blanket is 17 x 24 and the pillow is 8 x 10 and lightly stuffed. It is a perfect size. She is always finding things to wrap her baby in, and this size is enough to do that.

Grace, you are growing up so quickly, love you Sweet Pea, love Grandma.

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie