Cyber Monday

I am not a big shopper, I don’t like crowds and my Christmas shopping was done well before Thanksgiving.

I have never gone Black Friday shopping and even if I was inclined or wanted to, my allergies prevent me from being surrounded by so many people.

So normally Cyber Monday passes me by without a blink. However this year was different. I have become more involved in the quilting community and subscribe to many quilting sites and newsletters.

And guess what that means? Quilt fabric sales.    So, what is a quilter to do……

The top picture is fabric from Rocking Chair Quilts. They offer excellent customer service, and great sales. Plus every order I receive they have included a free fat quarter.

This second picture is fabric and a pattern I purchased from Jackie over at CV Quiltworks. The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer. The fabric purchase was for my solid stash, the pattern is one I have wanted.

Finally some fabric from Connecting Threads. They had a great sale on their precut fabric.

I have heard of other podcasters and bloggers go on “fabric” diets. I think it is my turn.

Next year I plan to be better prepared with more green stash to buy my fabric stash.

While I may not know now, what I plan to do with the fabrics, I am sure they will find their way into a gift, or commissioned project, and hopefully be a blessing to someone.

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie
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