Wedding Plans

A coworker is getting married in a month and her shower is next week.

I plan to make a wall hanging with their names and wedding date added for their bedroom. Their bedroom colors are brown and maroon.

I bought the maroon fabric this spring, it was part of the Hoffman challenge collection. I actually bought several of the fabrics in the line. They were very tempting and I briefly had thoughts of entering the contest, but I quickly came to my senses.

I am too much of a perfectionist and I know I would stress over entering one of my quilts and my joy of quilting would go out the window. Realistically if I ever do want to enter one of my quilts for judging, it would be best to start close to home so I learn what is expected.

Here is another picture against the white background.

The bride to be, has been to China and loves Asian culture so I think the printed fabric is perfect and it will add interest to the quilt.

The shower is less than a week away and I will be out-of-town for the weekend. No pressure. 🙂

What fabric do you have waiting for you to cut?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie